Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'Run On' Now Available...

Starring David A.R. White, Tommy Blaze & Brad Stine.

When the name of David A.R.White is mentioned, stand up comedy isn't the first thing that comes to mind.  Even though he's done a one-man comedy show called HOLYMAN UNDERCOVER which recently became a feature film, David White is best known for his independent apocalyptic and Christian-themed action thrillers. 

With several productions in the making (To The Wall, Me Again, Marriage Retreat, Jerusalem Countdown), David recently took time out of his busy schedule and joined Christian comedians Brad Stine (Apostles of Comedy, Sarah's Choice) and Tommy Blaze (TV's Friends, The Newz) in a stand up comedy performance, "RUN ON" which has just been released on DVD by Pure Flix Entertainment and based from an inspired idea by Brad Stine.

Each performer will share their hysterical experiences from their life, family, career and most importantly, their faith.  "What I like about this show," David says,  "is that you have three different stories, three different perspectives, and no matter  what side of the street you grew up on, at the end of the day we all need God's grace and we all need God's forgiveness."

Brad Stine gets to share a whole different side of himself that his fans may have never seen before, "For my fans who knew Brad Stine, the comic; they get to see Brad Stine the man, flawed, broken and human."

Run On, a comedy with errors. Who would have thought pain could be this funny?  Now available on DVD.  OneWayFilms review coming soon along with exclusive interviews with Brad Stine and Tommy Blaze.

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