Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cloud Ten Announces 'Apocalypse 5: The Chosen'

Cloud Ten Pictures (Left Behind, Apocalypse series, Saving God) has announced some interesting projects in the works for the near future.  My personal favorite being that the wait for the 5th installment of the Apocalypse last-days film series is finally coming to an end. Cloud Ten Pictures has heard the fans cry for more and hired experienced screen writer, Greg Mitchell and already has a completed script to "APOCALYPSE 5: THE CHOSEN."

Paul LaLonde and Andre' Van Heerden loved his pitch for the 5th film.  After meeting Greg, Andre' was sold. "We hit it off immediately. He's got a great dark sense of humor and is a true fan-boy of comics, 80's culture and old horror films... not to mention our Apocalypse films! He knew them all inside and out," said van Heerden. "Greg has a great ability to be creative within a created world and not break any of its rules.  That's a rare talent and I think it comes naturally for Greg because he genuinely likes the material so much."
Greg has also conceived a graphic novel to accompany the Apocalypse series which will bridge a gap between 'JUDGMENT' and the new film to build interest again in the series.  "We follow Helen’s escape from O.N.E.," Greg says. "We also follow Dawn Blushak, the hacker from Judgment. Dawn’s sort of our ‘everyman’ — or ‘everywoman’, in this case. She’s not as entrenched as Helen and the others in the fight against Macalousso (the Anti-Christ), so we’re looking at the world through her eyes in the comic, taking this journey that will, hopefully, serve as a guide for new people into the world of Apocalypse. Plus, there’re no budgetary restrictions in a comic, so expect action unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an Apocalypse film!"

Greg promises fans of the film series wont be disappointed, they are bringing back some fan favorite characters, including Willie Spino, Helen Hannah's brother from  'Revelation' and 'Judgment.'  "Yes, the plan is to bring back Willie Spino. In a big, big way. I love Willie and what he brings to the scenes he’s in and I think he’s got an incredible character arc that hasn’t even been touched yet in the movies. As the script stands right now, he’s got some major involvement," said Mitchell. "The thing that I love the most about Apocalypse is that there are so many great characters like Selma that exist largely in the background. This movie is really about taking those background characters and some fan favorites and letting them take center stage."

We certainly are excited to hear this and offer our prayers and support to Greg and the entire team at Cloud Ten Pictures.  Keep checking in for updates on this and other projects coming from Cloud Ten Pictures.

Visit the Cloud Ten Pictures forum at and meet and discuss this project with Greg himself.  He's already dropped in a few times for updates and introduced himself.  We're happy to welcome him to the OWF family.


  1. Thank's Fox, I appreciate that.

  2. When will it be released? It's been years since this article.

  3. When will it be released? It's been years since this article.

  4. When will it be released? It's been years since this article.