Monday, April 18, 2011

"Left Behind" Gets a Blockbuster-Size Reboot

Cloud Ten Pictures founder and CEO, Paul LaLonde has announced that they plan to start production for a brand new 'Left Behind' reboot for theatrical release. "This is definitely an exciting time, not just for Cloud Ten, but for the entire Christian filmmaking industry. We're remaking the original LEFT BEHIND movie at the true Hollywood "blockbuster" level that a message like this deserves, with top level cast, writers, and production from the word "go".

Cloud Ten Pictures has already released a moderate sized series of films based on the best-selling books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins that starred Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Gordon Currie and Academy Award winner Lou Gossett Jr. But a fourth installment was held up due to a court battle over the rights of the films. As of October 1, 2010, the film rights have officially been restored back to Cloud Ten Pictures. Cloud Ten is excited and have already begun developing a script for a major reboot and compiling a team for this high-profile film. "This is the movie that Christians have been hoping for" Paul says, "and I can hardly wait to get it going."

Will the new Left Behind look just like the original, or will there be any differences is what a lot of fans want to know. Paul LaLalonde has given fans at the OneWayFilms forum a sneak peek into his vision for the new reboot. "I want to show the world what it will be like when the rapture happens, and what it will really be like to be left behind. Not, the politics of a new world order, not the mark of the beast - this is about the rapture. The day it happens. That's why it needs a bigger budget obviously. So I'm trying to stay "true" to the books, but most of what you see will not be "from the book". In the book, the rapture just sort of happens - and then we're straight into the aftermath. In reality, it's going to be A WHOLE LOT BIGGER DEAL than that. Millions of people vanish into thin air! Imagine the first few hours after that happens and you'll get a sense of what I'm hoping to do with this movie."

If you have any questions for Paul, you can join our FORUM for free and post your questions for him. He enjoys reading what fans are saying and occasionally, he pops in to respond with exclusive info.

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  1. I am disappointed that instead if continuing with the series they are going to remake the original. The films with Kirk Cameron and Brad Johnson have gotten the point across just fine, why give another actor more money to do the same job. It would make more sense to pay the original cast the money and production team they deserve. I think the point of bringing Christian's to the Lord is being lost by scrapping and starting over. Finish the project you started and don't allow money to be your guide. I for one was upset that you used a different actor to play the role of Bruce in the third film, again it takes away from the message. Just one Christian's opinion.