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David A.R. White (Interview)

I once had a short interview with David A.R. White, star of the recent Christian films 'HIDDEN SECRETS', 'IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE', and several others. Since I just finished an early screening of 'JERUSALEM COUNTDOWN', his soon-to-be-released action-thriller, which is based on the book by John Hagee, I thought I would pull it out here and share it with all of you. This interview took place in May of 2006, right after he began his stand-up comedy show "HOLYMAN UNDERCOVER.'

OneWayFilms: Thank you David for your time. Can you start by telling us about how you came to know Christ?

David White: I was 4 years old, my sister lead me down the isle at one of my dad's altar calls.

OWF: Wow, I didn't know your dad was a preacher. Who influenced you the most to achieve your dream of acting?

David: I just always loved movies/tv. I was fascinated by them. I was a dreamer as a kid, I loved story telling through that medium. I watched Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains and always thought I could do that as well.

OWF: So how DID you get started in Christian films?

David: I was attending college in Chicago, and did an internship for Edward McDougal when I was 18 on 'Geronimo' and 'Across the Lines'. Ed gave me my first line in 'Geronimo'.

OWF: I remember that film. I still have a copy of it on DVD. Wow, that one goes way back. Since then, What do you look for before choosing what projects you are offered?

David: Something original in the script. A character that I'm interested in playing.

OWF: Alot of Christian filmmakers seem to have different ideas about what a Christian films really is. Exactly what IS a Christian film to you and what is NOT a Christian film?

David: A Christian film is a film that has a message of redemption and hope found only through Jesus Christ. What is not a Christian Film is every other film.

OWF: I like that, simple and sweet. What is your personal goal as a producer and as an actor in each project that you take on?

David: From a producing point of view, to tell a story that is moving and artistic. From an acting point of view, to be true to the authors intent through my performance, to be interesting and try to bring something unique to the role.

OWF: I see you're working on a new project, this time a comedy. Can you tell us about HolyMan Undercover? What is it?

David: Yes, It is a one man comedy show about a kid from Kansas who is on his way to Guam to save the world, but his plane ends up crashing in LA. It is about all the crazy characters that he meets along the way. It is about a kid getting caught up in the fast lane, but by God's grace finding his way back to the real meaning of Life.

OWF: That sounds interesting. Which film in your filmography is your personal favorite and why?

David: Mercy Streets is my favorite. both for the acting challenge of playing two brothers. It was a passion project that my buddy writer/director Jon Gunn and I were on for a long time.

OWF: I love that film and thought it was very well done. At OneWayFilms.net, we have alot of aspiring actors and filmmakers looking to get a break, What would you say to someone who is just starting out in Christian films and is feeling discouraged?

David: Take hope. Become the best at what you do. Learn to create projects and just go do it.

OWF: Any other tips?

David: Learn about producing. Bottom line, it takes a lot of perseverance. Don't stop, we need you.

OWF: David, thank you for your time with us today.

David: Thanks, Let me know if you want me to do this again sometime, I would be glad to do it. God Bless you in your endeavors.

David A.R. White

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