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Starring David A.R. White, Stacy Keach, Randy Travis, Jackie Velasquez & Lee Majors.

You might think we've had enough rapture/apocalyptic films recently, but to see one loosely based off of John Hagee's book of the same name, which is filled with updated information that reflects our most current headlines, it is a welcomed addition to the growing list and makes it all the more realistic and attention grabbing.

Muslim terrorists have smuggled nuclear weapons into America in an attempt to create a distracting disaster so that Israel can be attacked without our interference. A smart move from the terrorists, if it can be carried out.

Senior FBI Agent Shane Daughtry (David A.R. White) is faced with the challenge of finding the weapons before they are detonated with the help of a washed up arms dealer (Lee Majors) and a hardened CIA Director (Randy Travis). The race is on to save America and foil the greatest threat to America since 9/11.

Jerusalem Countdown may not have an enormous budget, but they make good use with what they have. My screener copy wasn't a finished product, several of the special effects were incomplete, but it was enough to let me know that they will be on a much larger scale than previous films from Pure Flix Entertainment, the production company founded by David A.R. White and partners.

Much of the budget was used on the ensemble of great actors which in many cases, can make or break a film. In my opinion, having David White as a lead can never hurt any movie, only give it creditability, as he is the best actor of any Christian film of this generation. We are blessed to have his talents on our side, serving God through Christ-centered and faith-affirming films like this one.

Other cast members include the always professional Stacy Keach, who has worked with David Before (Mercy Streets), Randy Travis who is also no stranger to Pure Flix Entertainment (The Wager), Jackie Velasquez, Carey Scott, another close friend to Pure Flix (In the Blink of An Eye, Hidden Secrets, The Wager) and Lee Majors.

The first half of the film does a great job of setting the story even if it is a bit slow-paced in getting started, but the action picks up in the second act and maintains it's audience with great suspense and unexpected reveals.

Many films are put under the microscope once it's labeled as a Christan movie. Christians from all denominations are keen to picking the gospel message apart and either supporting it or casting legalistic stones. Several films marketed to a Christian audience seem afraid to mention the Name of Jesus, or to clearly present a gospel message of salvation, but that is clearly not the case with Jerusalem Countdown.

While not bringing the storyline to a complete stop to preach, it cleverly weaves it's bold evangelistic message throughout and leaves no doubt who or where our hope lies in. I have always admired Pure Flix Entertainment for taking such a bold stance in their films, while not appearing to cram it in our faces. The balance between the inspirational message and entertainment is a perfect blend that leaves a refreshing hope in your spirit.

And while the Gospel message is clear, the film doesn't end on such a positive note for a world that has just encountered the rapture of the saints. The films climax will leave you wanting more and with high hopes for a sequel. If Pure Flix Entertainment can maintain this budget and quality of production and follow Jerusalem Countdown with another installment, picking up where this one left off, then we may have a new end-days series to rival the popular Left Behind.

Due to it's apocalyptic theme, it's not as family friendly as The Walton's, you can expect some violence, suspense, explosions and gun play to come into play, but it's not graphic or bloody. Recommended for teens and adults.

"Exciting and Thrilling. A timely message of hope wrapped up in a tale of suspense."
- OneWayFilms

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